Why Arcanox Will Be Released In Canada First

Arcanox will be released in the Canadian Google Play Store first. These are the 6 reasons, why Canada is the perfect country for the Arcanox soft-launch:

  1. Arcanox is only available in English and German right now, so I can only release it in English- or German-speaking countries
  2. Also I’m only able to understand English or German feedback
  3. Canada is a relatively small country by population. If something goes wrong there it would be bearable
  4. Canadians play similar like US Americans. When Canadians have problems understanding the game, US Amercians are likely to have the same problems
  5. There may be server performance issues I have not detected yet. A slowly growing player base will allow me to fix them without serious downtime
  6. Canada is quite far away from my server in Germany, so I’ll be able to detect possible latency issues

Have I missed an important argument? Is there a strong argument against realeasing in Canada first?

Have fun!