Arcanox Version 47 & Account Reset

Arcanox beta version 47 is available! The game server is back online.
All accounts have been reset. This was the final reset.
Most likely this is the last open beta version before Arcanox is released in the Canadian Google Play Store.


NEW: Tutorial Checkpoints

From now on players don’t have to complete the entire tutorial in one session, but can interrupt and resume it.

CHANGED: More Card Upgrades

  • Reduced minimum card level from 1 to 0
  • Increased maximum card level from 5 to 10
  • Reduced gold costs to upgrade cards
  • Increased gold reward for selling cards
  • Adjusted stat increases per level
  • Upgrading a card only fills one half of a star now

Reason: Several testers complained about the high gold costs to upgrade cards. Now, each upgrade is much cheaper, while it still works as a gold sink.

NEW: Adjustable Music & Sound Effect Volume

The volume of music and sound effects can be adjusted in the options now.

CHANGED: Bonus Rubies Twice Per Day

The cooldown for the bonus rubies per victory has been reduced from 22 to 9 hours and the reward reduced from 10 to 5 rubies.
Reason: Most testers play Arcanox at least twice per day, so the 9 hour cooldown fits much better.

Players only get the bonus for attacks against other players now.
Reason: A few testers never attacked any other players, and fiddled around at the bottom of the ladder. No one attacked them, because they were hidden between low-level test accounts. They never had to defend their castle and missed an important part of the game. With this change there is an incentive to attack other players at least twice per day.


  • Improved several previously unpleasant sounds
  • The display orientation considers the sensor now
  • Several minor user interface adjustments
  • Several minor tutorial adjustments


  • Minor adjustments to some achievements
  • Player lose two (instead of one) skulls per defeat against computer opponents


  • Attackers sometimes received no card for a destroyed card shop
  • Immersion mode on Android 4.4+ sometimes caused several display and input bugs
  • Closing the game, while it was still loading, could caused several bugs when resuming the game
  • Building certain rooms was not possible any more after rebuilding some defenders
  • It was impossible to get a big fire enchantment when using the “change enchantment” mechanic on a card
  • Battles were cancelled when players tried to place two cards at the same time
  • Some achievements were unfulfillable
  • Several minor camera bugs
  • It was not possible to replace a trap, when the maximum number of traps have been installed

Thanks a lot to all beta testers. The game wouldn’t be the same without your support and feedback.
Special thanks to Philipp Arlt, Corey Blaise, Nicko Böhnke, Timur Cavusoglu, Waldemar Friesen, Gerru Kloppers, Heiko Nottbohm, and Enrico Wachtel.
Your feedback, advice, and bug reports were invaluable for this update!

How do you like the changes?

Have fun!