How to Create a Great Game Trailer

The Arcanox soft-launch was rushed, because I’ve yielded to external pressure:

  • Most testers say they love Arcanox. They call it great and highly polished. Also they constantly ask, when it’ll be released.
  • I had almost no money left.

Making a great game is not enough today. Competition is fierce. Having a great marketing plan and executing it right is equally important. During the last days I’ve worked out a plan for the launch based on lots of research. Also I’ve borrowed some money to have more time.

The launch preparations will take around 1-2 additional months. So here comes the first part of THE PLAN:

Great Game Trailer

The game trailer is the most important marketing material beside the app icon. When players click on the Arcanox app icon in the Google Play Store, the trailer is the first thing they will see. Also watching movies is how most people want to consume information today. A great trailer will convince players to try the game and journalist to review it.

The gameplay video I’ve created some time ago is fine, but isn’t as compelling as a trailer can be and only shows a small part of the game.

Creating the trailer will take around 1-2 weeks. Sound designer

Enrico Wachtel promised to help me with the music and sound. I also consider to hire a professional freelance editor to compose a trailer out of the raw materials I’ll record.

By the way the gameplay video has been recorded with Bandicam. I can recommend it so far.

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Have fun! Christian