Arcanox Version 720

Arcanox version 720 is available on Google Play!

Warning: Unopened gifts from last year expire within the next 14 days!


  • NEW: The Dungeon Masters tournament begins on December 4th
  • NEW: Legends league, Legend trophies and the ‘King of Legends’
  • NEW: ‘Lair’ dungeon with boosts for ninjas
  • NEW: Watch the top replays of the previous dungeon
  • It is now possible to remove the fifth vault
  • Several improvements to the global- and guild chat
  • Several user interface improvements

NEW: Dungeon Masters Tournament

The Dungeon Masters tournament is a new event, where the points from the dungeons are summed up per player. It begins on December 4th and lasts for 3 dungeons (12 days). The prizes for the top 500 players are shown in the upper graphic.

The best 5 players receive a unique looking knight, which cannot be crafted or purchased.

NEW: Legends League, Legend Trophies and the King of Legends

New Leagues and Fewer Divisions

The Diamond and Legend leagues were added. At the same time, the number of divisions per league has been reduced from 5 to 3, whereby most players have moved up a few leagues.

Legend Trophies

Trophies above 3200 will be reset down to 3200 when a season ends, and deducted trophies will be converted into Legend trophies. Legend trophies accumulate season after season, and nothing will ever reset or reduce them. They can be viewed in the public player profile.

King of Legends

At the end each season the player with the most trophies is regarded ‘King of Legends’. This title is indicated by a crown next to his name until the end of the next season.

NEW: Dungeon Highlights

  • All players can use Dungeon Highlights to view the best solution for each dungeon stage from the previous dungeon.
  • Solutions with the least number of enchantments are preferred.
  • The Dungeon Highlights will be available at the beginning of the next dungeon in your mailbox.

NEW: Lair Dungeon with Boosts for Ninjas

  • In the new dungeon ‘Lair’ boosts for Ninjas can be unlocked.
  • The foundry boosts in the dungeon are just placeholders and are later replayed by other boosts.

Improved Global- and Guild Chat

  • The global chat is now unlocked with player level 15.
  • The small number indicating the number of new guild/global chat messages now shows the number of new messages since the chat has been opened the last time and not the new messages since the chat has been opened the last time during the current session.
  • Guild leaders can now also ban players from the guild chat. This is also possible for players who are no longer member of the guild.
  • When players join or leave a guild, their name in the chat is now clickable.
  • The “Popular Cards” are now based on analysis of the top 50 instead of top 400 players.
  • For each popular card you can see now how many percent of the top 50 players own it.

Other Changes

  • Guilds
    • Recruits do not longer affect the guild score anymore, because they also don’t receive any reward from the guild tournament.
    • The “recommended guilds” can no longer be filtered by language, as this has turned out to be impractical. Instead, the language of each recommended guild is now displayed in the list.
    • Guild leaders who have been inactive for more than 180 days are now automatically removed from their guild. As a side effect a large number of inactive guilds will be closed.
  • It is now possible to remove the fifth vault.
  • Hidden guards with an energy shield become visible now when their energy shield is broken, even if they have not suffered any damage.
  • Some goals at the beginning of the game were removed, giving new players about 100 rubies less.
    • As compensation, the costs of the second worker are reduced from 350 to 250 rubies.
    • The costs of the third worker are reduced from 850 to 800 rubies.

Fixed Bugs

  • An error has prevented overwriting the castle associated with the Google+ account.
  • Several rare errors that could lead to a crash of the game have been fixed.

Spezial thanks to bomBEERman, Cicklow and Night44 for the translations!

Have fun and tell me how you like the update! 🙂