Arcanox Version 740

Arcanox version 740 is available on Google Play!

UPDATE v742: Some players experienced startup crashes with version 740. This has been corrected with version 742. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  • NEW: Explosive Arrows
  • NEW: Use Icons in Guild Chat
  • NEW: Missions with Random Cards
  • Better Card Packs
  • More Enjoyable Dungeons
  • More and Easier Training
  • NEW: Remove All Traps At Once

All Changes

NEW: Use Icons in Guild Chat

You can now use minion, spell and enchantment icons in the guild chat.

NEW: Explosive Arrows

  • Explosive arrows are the new exclusive enchantment for archers, since the increased range enchantment is also available for priest.
  • The enchantment has the following effects:
    • The archer shoots explosive arrows, which damage all enemies close to the explosion.
    • Base damage decreased by 20%.
  • The enchantment is unlocked with card shop level 3.
  • The enchantment can be combined with most enchantments, but not with the spell shield enchantment.

Damage Calculation

This is the universal formula to calculate the damage per hit:

Damage Per Hit = (Base Damage Per Hit * (100% + Base Damage Modifiers)) * (100% + Damage Modifiers)

The explosive arrows are the first enchantment with a base damage modifier. All other enchantments (e.g. fire, hammer, …) use damage modifiers.

NEW: Missions with Random Cards

  • Instead of playing the missions with your own cards, you now create a deck out of random cards. This way you can try out seven new cards for free every day.
  • The guild boosts don’t affect the cards.
  • Borrowed cards cannot be used in the missions anymore.
  • The amount of gold per mission is influenced by your computer opponent level the same way as before, but players with computer opponent level 23 or higher can earn a bit more gold.

Better Card Packs

The rules of the card packs have been adjusted, to reduce the chance for situational strong cards and increase the chance for universally strong cards:

  • The following enchantment combinations aren’t possible in card packs anymore:
    • Coin + Statue
    • Spell Shield + Gas Mask / Vest / Ghost / Coin
    • Reflection + Fire / Hammer / Sword
  • The following enchantments are now significantly less likely in card packs:
    • Coin
    • Snail
    • Spell shield on ninjas and golems

Please note that the bazaar isn’t affected by these changes.

More Enjoyable Dungeons

Several changes have been made to make the dungeons more enjoyable:

  • Instead of recreating decks from replays manually, you can do it now with just one tap on the “Adopt deck” button.
  • Traps are now always visible in dungeons, trainings and missions.
  • The maximum movement delay for goblins, knights and golems has been reduced. This increases the chance that they start moving before the other minions do.
  • In dungeons the wandering behavior of minions from portals is now less random.
  • Ghosts don’t damage minions anymore.

More And Easier Training

  • A new training, which highlights the new explosive arrows enchantment, has been added.
  • The training “Trap Lock” has been split up into two training.
  • Several existing trainings are now easier.

Remove All Traps At Once

In the trap selection dialog is a new button, which allows you to remove all traps from your castle at once.

Other Changes

  • It is now possible to make all rooms immovable with a new option in the settings menu of the game. This way you can prevent accidental changes to the layout of your castle.
  • In multiplayer battles the enchantments added by shrines are now hidden, until the battle begins.
  • Players, who didn’t score in previous dungeons, are now also listed in the dungeon statistics.
  • Curse damage doesn’t “SMASH” frozen minions anymore.
    • Please note that the curse enchantment on cannons reduces their damage only by 90%, so there is still some regular damage left.
  • Officers/generals have to wait for 30 / 15 Minutes until they can do one of these actions again:
    • Kicking/banning a member/officer from the guild
    • Demoting a member to recruit

Fixed Bugs

  • The teleport animation of the ninja didn’t look properly.
  • Fixed some translation errors.

Current Dungeon & Replays

The current dungeon changed because of the game update. The update contained changes, which influence the dungeon level generator. In the past the dungeons reopened with the release of new game versions, but this was unfair to players who didn’t play the dungeon before the update. Scores in the dungeon before and after the update might be different, but the difference will be much smaller than after a dungeon reopening.

Replays from the previous game version are also not deleted with this update, because this would also delete the dungeon highlights and the deletions in the past led to confusion among some players. Some of the old replays are not compatible with the new game version and therefor the result of the replay can look different than with the previous game version. However, everyone will certainly agree that slightly incompatible replays are better than none.

Have fun and tell me how you like the update! 🙂