6th Arcanox World Cup

The 6th Arcanox World Cup begins in 3 days. Join or create a team now!

An overview of possible card rewards can be found here. If you don’t like the card you receive, you can exchange it like last time.

Since the last World Cup the following changes have been made:

Changed Rewards

  • In order to promote serious teams and team play, the rewards (mana and premium time) per player are now independent of the size of the team. Mana and premium time are no longer split between the team members. The new rewards per player are roughly equivalent to the reward you received in a team of 4 to 5 players.
  • The rewards (mana and premium time) in Division III were increased from 25% to 30% compared to Division I.
  • The rewards (mana and premium time) in Division II were increased from 50% to 60% compared to Division I.

Additional Changes

  • To compensate for the lack of boosts, the number of defenders was reduced by 1 in all divisions.
  • The maximum team size was reduced from 7 to 6.

Bug Fixes

  • The “adopt deck” function now works properly for World Cup matches.
  • It was possible to create unlimited card-borrow-requests in the team chat. Some players abused this. To prevent further abuse, there is now a 30 minutes cooldown and cards can only be lend during matches.

Good luck and have fun!