Arcanox Version 760

Arcanox version 760 is available on Google Play!


  • Multi-Shot for Guards and Cannons
  • Improved Tournament: Master of Destruction
  • More Rubies for the Guild Tournament
  • Legendary Trophies Ladder
  • Several Guild Improvements
  • White Priests
  • Improved Bards
  • Break Between Dungeons
  • Filter for Popular Cards
  • Other Improvements
  • Several Fixed Bugs

All Changes

Multi-Shot for Guards and Cannons

Guards and cannons in the dungeon can have a new enchantment called multi-shot. Defenders with this enchantment can target and attack attackers on adjacent floors.

Improved Tournament: Master of Destruction

The tournament was heavily improved based on the feedback:

  • Only the best attempt per day counts and no longer the sum of all attempts, therefore failing an attack is less tragic. This also makes the tournament less time consuming and players can no longer gain an unfair advantage by buying additional attempts for rubies.
  • Computer opponents are now attacked instead of player castles. The level of the computer opponents can be adjusted as desired. This way players can no longer gain an unfair advantage by attacking castles which have been specifically adapted to the tournament.
  • Each player is assigned to a division based on his all-time highest trophy count. This prevents players to influence the division they are assigned to by purposely losing battles before the event starts. Tho it didn’t happen in the past, the possibility of it happening is now eliminated.
  • The ranking is the addition of each daily best attempt. There is no rank reset.

More Rubies for the Guild Tournament

The rewards for the places 2, 3 and 4 in the guild tournament were raised by 500 rubies.

Legendary Trophies Ladder

There is a new ladder based on legendary trophies. It is updated at the beginning of each year.

Multiple Guild Improvements

  • The creation date of each guild is now displayed in it’s profile.
  • Guild members now receive a notification when their leader or a general sends a message to their inbox. These notifications can be disabled separately in the options menu of the game.
  • You will see a warning before starting to write a guild message, when sending it is not possible yet.
  • The last used dungeon deck of other guild members is no long displayed in their profile. This prevents players of the same guild who face each other in a World Cup match to spy on each other.

White Priests

White priests will be a possible reward for the next World Cup. The only difference with regular priests is their apparence.

Improved Bards

  • Bards don’t waste their music on statues anymore.
  • Ninjas who have been inspired by a bard, don’t lose the inspiration when using their teleportation.

Break Between Dungeons

There is now a 6 hour break after a dungeon closed and the next one opens. Fron now on big updates will be released during these breaks. In the past some players gained an unfair advantage by solving a dungeon before the release an update. This won’t be possible anymore.

It is now possible to filter the list of popular cards by card type and enchantment.

Other Improvements

  • Curses and acid sprayers don’t hurt statues anymore.
  • The elapsed battle duration is now displayed in the dungeons.

Fixed Bugs

  • Players who stole more than 2,147,483,647 gold had a negative value displayed in the gold ladder and profile.
  • Attackers attacked at maximum speed when defending goblins on the same floor were revived.
  • The spell “Dispel” mistakenly blocked all spells on friendly units.
  • The damage of deathblows was never reflected by shield statues.
  • Some errors in the translations have been corrected.

Have fun and tell me how you like the update! 🙂 Chris