Arcanox Version 780

Arcanox version 780 is available on Google Play!


  • Improved Replays
  • 50% More Mana in Dungeons
  • Improved Dungeon Selection
  • Several Other Improvements
  • Several Fixed Bugs

All Changes

Improved Replays

  • There is now a button to rewind a replay to the next played card. This allows you to skip parts of a replay.
  • There is now a button to restart the current replay.

50% More Mana in Dungeons

The maximum Mana per dungeon has been increased from 100 to 150. On each dungeon stage you can now earn up to 30 Mana. To earn 30 Mana on a stage you need a dungeon score of 450 on that stage.

Improved Dungeon Selection

  • There is now a button to hide the user interface of the dungeon selection.
  • In the dungeon selection, all traps of the dungeon are now visible.

Improved Missions

  • The gold raider enchantments now also works in missions.
  • Castles in missions can now also have acid sprayers. This allows you to try out the gas mask enchantment.

Improved Privacy

  • The app no longer needs the permission to read and change the WiFi state.
  • The app no longer sends the OS language, OS version and referrer to the game server.
  • When sending a support email by using the app, the OS language and OS version are no longer appended.

Other Improvements

  • Winners of the current and upcoming World Cups can choose their reward card.
  • The pairings of the first knockout rounds of the World Cup will no longer be randomly drawn, but instead the first team will play against the eighth, the second against the seventh, … etc.
  • Cards with a special skin are now handled like normal cards, when lending cards directly through the guild chat and when using the “Copy Deck” feature in replays.
  • The icon, which represents the back of a card, is now available for guild notes and in the guild chat.

Fixed Bugs

  • In replays the button to request a card covered the name of the person, who had borrowed the card.
  • At the event “Master of Destruction” the coin account balance wasn’t displayed correctly before the first attack.
  • After the event “Master of Destruction” the attack button was still displayed and incorrectly labeled.
  • When the trap of a room was changed, right after the room has been moved, the trap in a different room was changed instead.
  • Some errors in the translations have been corrected.