Future of Arcanox

The Arcanox database was irreparable damaged during maintenance work. Because of several mistakes from my side the last working backup is from February 2018. I’m really sorry and ashamed about that. (More details here )

Using the old backup would be frustrating and disappointing for everyone and I also don’t want to end Arcanox like this.

But I have a proposal, that hopefully reduces your justified anger and frustration and let’s everyone experience Arcanox in a better way than ever before.


  • We reset the entire game.
  • Everyone starts with 5000 Rubies, 365 days premium account, Christmas presents every day all year long and earns a lot more Rubies when attacking other players and the AI.
  • No Pay2Win anymore. Buying anything for real money will be disabled.
  • In 11 months the final Arcanox World Cup will start.
  • The World Cup results will be posted on Twitter, Facebook and this website.
  • The game server will be shut down finally a few days after the final World Cup.

Complete List of Balancing Changes:

  • Everyone starts with 5000 Rubies instead of 200 Rubies.
  • Everyone will have the premium account for 365 days.
  • Maximum Rubies from attacks per day increase from 50 to 100 Rubies.
  • Maximum Rubies per attack increase by 2 Rubies, even for weak opponents, who gave no Ruby reward in the past at all. e.g. instead of earning 3 Rubies for destroying an enemies castle of your level, you will earn 5 Rubies.
  • Whenever you collect the last Christmas present in your castle, there will be new ones, when you log in the next time.

Reasons For The Proposal

  1. The Arcanox player base shrank after I stopped releasing updates and GooglePlay changed the ranking algorithms. But there are still enough players, when everyone starts from scratch, because everyone will be on a similar power level.
  2. Doing everything right from the beginning, applying all you have learned about Arcanox and making rapid progress is a lot of fun. Various Arcanox veterans started playing a second or sometimes even third account, because of this. And with all the balancing changes it would be even more rewarding and enjoyable.
  3. Pay2Win forces designers to make compromises on the gameplay. Without Pay2Win Arcanox will be all about skill, dedication and fun.
  4. Keeping Arcanox and Juhu Games running costs ~2500€ per year. Last year the game made ~50€ revenue and it wasn’t much more before that. I’m not wealthy and have to feed three mouths. That’s why I can’t keep Arcanox running forever.
  5. The game will have final winners: the winners of the last world cup, the players/guilds on rank 1 on the leader boards. When you have achieved this, no one can take it away from you ever. And you’ll be the winner because of your skill, not because of your wallet. And that’s super cool IMO.

Your Opinion, Ideas & Feedback

Please let my know by email (chris@juhugames.com), Twitter or Facebook what you think about the proposal. I plan to make a decision on this not earlier than tomorrow night.

I’m really sorry about the data loss, but I’m also excited about the idea, that you could experience Arcanox in a pure, more rewarding and more enjoyable shape before it finally ends.

Thanks a lot for your support and the kind words over all the years! Kind regards


Frequent Questions & Answers

Will there be a singleplayer version of Arcanox?

Making a singleplayer version of Arcanox would take me at least one year full-time. Upgrading Arcanox to a more recent Android SDK and GooglePlay API would take at least another two weeks as well. Without these upgrades I wouldn’t be allowed to submit the game or any updates to GooglePlay.

Right now I’m working 40 hours per week as an employee and I have 2 children, who need their father. Therefore I don’t have much time and energy left to work on projects in my spare time. Thus a singleplayer version of Arcanox is unlikely.