5th Arcanox World Cup

The 5th Arcanox World Cup begins in 3 days. Join or create a team now!

Since the last World Cup the following changes have been made.

Rebalanced Divisions

A rebalanicng of the division was overdue, because:

  • In division I a lot more teams made it to the end of the swiss rounds than in division III.
  • As time goes more players have a higher level castle heart.

New divisions:

  • Division III: castle heart level 1-6
  • Division II: castle heart level 5-8
  • Division I: castle heart level 7-10

No Guild Boosts

To improve the chances of weaker guilds, guild boosts won’t influence the World Cup anymore.


Players won’t receive cards they already own as a World Cup reward, unless they already own all possible World Cup reward cards.

Bug Fixes

  • In some cases the number of defenders per dungeon wasn’t correct.
  • The dungeons in two different matches were the same.

Good luck and have fun! 🙂