Arcanox Version 770

Arcanox version 770 is available on Google Play!


  • Christmas Gifts
  • Lend Cards With One Click
  • Request Cards More Easily
  • Guild Notes
  • Dungeon Break Only for Updates
  • Chest With Daily Gift
  • Several Other Improvements
  • Several Fixed Bugs

All Changes

Christmas Gifts

Everyone who logs into the game between December 23th and December 31th will find five Christmas gifts in their castle. Players, who still have unopened gifts from last year, will not receive additional gifts. One gift per day can be opened.

Lend Cards With One Click

It is now possible to lend cards with just one click. When a guild mate asks for cards by using icons, the game will show a “Lend” button at the right side of his chat message. With a click on the button, the game will try to send all mentioned cards to your guild mate.

When a requested cards is used by one of your decks, you will be asked, if you want to remove it from the deck. The button can be pressed repeatedly. Filter settings of card borrow requests are ignored, when lending cards with this method.

Request Cards More Easily

You can now request cards easily, when watching replays or using the “Adopt deck” function. Click on the “Request” button under a card and a chat message with the following content will be posted in the guild chat:

When you haven’t created a card borrow request in the guild chat a new one will be created automatically.

Guild Notes

Each guild now has five permanent note sheets in the inbox of their members. The notes can be used for tips, policies or anything else you want to communicate to your guild members. The notes can be edited by the leader and generals. **Take care to not accidentally overwrite each others changes! **Recruits can’t read the notes.

Each note can have up to 300 characters. Icons can be used in the notes.

Dungeon Break Only for Updates

Instead of a break after each dungeon, there will only be a break between dungeons before the release of updates. These breaks are required when updates make changes to the game balance, because this could affect the solutions in the dungeons.

Chest With Daily Gift

Some players had a chest in their castle which could be used to watch commercials and receive a small reward as compensation. The commercials will be removed because of five reasons:

  • The new EU General Data Protection Regulation will be implemented in May 2018 and keeping the commercials in the game would require lots of paper work.
  • The chests were only a test and it turned out that most players used it only sporadically.
  • I personally don’t like watching commercials and I was never convinced of the idea.
  • The commercials caused stability issues on some devices.
  • For players with the chest it was required to preload at least one video, even when it was never watched. This wasted bandwidth.

But the chests will stay and everyone gets one! You will find a small gift (Mana or gold) in there every day!

Other Improvements

  • When a dungeon is solved with the same score but less cards, the solution with less cards will be saved. This can be relevant, when more than one borrowed card is used.
  • New dungeon solutions with the same score now overwrite older replays.
  • Several user interface improvements have been made.
  • Players who have played more than 27 hours in the last 48 hours will now see a warning that they have only one hour left before their personal break begins.

Fixed Bugs

  • Arrows of archers did hit their target, even when the target has dropped through a trap door.
  • Sometimes the”Claim” button for some rewards in the inbox didn’t vanish after collecting the reward, because of a caching problem.
  • Players with legendary trophies, but who didn’t earn legendary trophies in the previous season, weren’t listed in the legendary trophy ladder.
  • In World Cup matches negative scores were possible by using many cards with many enchantments and only achieving one star.
  • Some errors in the translations have been corrected.

Have fun and tell me how you like the update! 🙂 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!