Data Loss

Unfortunately all my attempts to repair the damaged database files failed. The database Arcanox uses (MongoDB) has a built in repair and journaling system, but the damage seems to be too bad. I also wasn’t able to recover the data with lower level tools.

What makes the situation even worse is that the last working backup is from 29th February 2018. An automatic clean-up process deleted all the more recent backups.

I’m really sorry about this. It is totally my fault, that there is no more recent working backup.

I’m not sure how to proceed from here on. Since around 1.5 years the monthly costs for Arcanox/Juhu Games (~220€) exceed the revenues, but I didn’t plan to shut it down in the near future, because there are still players enjoying it.

I’ve to get some sleep now. Tomorrow I’ll think about how to proceed and if there are any ways to reduce the loss, frustration and anger.

I’m really sorry.